Copy Cisco config via Serial Line


How to transfer config files between a UNIX system and a Cisco device via a serial line using the cu command. See the CU(1) manual page for more detailed description of the command and parameters.

This example will use /dev/cuad0 as the serial line's DSF.


Connect to the console

# cu -l /dev/cuad0

Transfer from the Cisco device to the UNIX system

Disable paging:

# term len 0

Turn on verbose messages in CU:

# ~s verbose=true

Initiate the copy (cisco.conf can be whatever name you want to give the file):

# ~< cisco.conf

Dump the config:

# wr term

Once the line counter has stopped ticking over, hit CTRL+C twice to break back to IOS. Once done you need to reset the pager:

# term def len

Transfer from the UNIX system to the Cisco device:

Change to configuration mode:

# conf t

Initiate the copy (cisco.conf is the config file you wish to run):

# ~> cisco.conf
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