Export VirtualBox Guest into VMware


This document describes how to export VirtualBox guests via version 5 of VirtualBox's Manager GUI and import them into VMware ESXi 6.5.


Export VirtualBox Guest

Open the Export Virtual Appliance window by clicking on File then Export Appliance and proceed through the wizard ensuring the export format under Storage settings is OVF 1.0.

Convert from OVA to OVF

Download VMware's ovftool for you preferred platform and run the following command:

ovftool --lax /path/to/vbox.ova /path/to/save/vmware.ovf

For detailed information on ovftool consult the documentation.

Once exported, open /path/to/save/vmware.ovf in a text editor and replace virtualbox-2.2 with vmx-13.

Import VMware Guest

Login to ESXi's management interface and create a new virtual machine. Proceed through the wizard ensuring the creation type is Deploy a virtual machine from an OVF or OVA file.

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